A word I’ve come to hate

They’ve all gone, very far

Some are close to getting “it”

Others are not, but they are all far ahead of me.

Yet you ask me to wait!

You keep holding me back here

I know I have what it takes

I know the costs and the stakes

I can do more than their expectations

I know I can surpass their peaks.
Why do you keep holding me back?

Why won’t you let the spotlight shine on me?

Why won’t you let me go out and get a “name”?

Do you hate me so much that you don’t want to see me celebrated?

What is it about me that you have refused me to be revealed?

You keep whispering, in my ears, “Wait, wait”.

I’m getting tired of waiting …..

His reply

“And the child grew, and waxed strong in spirit, and was in the deserts till the day of his shewing unto Israel.

Your day of shewing is yet to come

I love you too much to put you out there prematurely.

You despise this desert experience, but you’re ignorant of the fact that it’s building you..

Wait, my child or you’ll rise  like smoke only to disappear without a trace. 

Wait princess, lest you be like them, here today and gone tomorrow.

Wait for the appointed time

Wait for your time of “shewing”

They may have gone ahead of you but they are not ahead of you

Because when I’m ready to reveal to the world what I’ve been working on, in you, I accelerate you. 

Have you not heard?  ‘They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they  shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not  be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.’

So wait, for in no time your wings will be ready to soar.”



Your eyes

The first thing I noticed after your height
They were fascinating. 




Your eyes, they revealed so much

Promises for the future. Castles we’d build together.

They communicated with mine quite often.

Revealed your vulnerability

They told me you had a soft part.

Deep down within your strong physical structure is a sweet baby,  who loves totally

They told me when you were happy and when you were not.

They told me when you were excited and when I should be worried.

Dear bestie, your eyes have been snitching on you.

They’ve gotten so close to mine.

I wrote this for you, to let you know you have beautiful eyes that became my friends long before you got close to me ♥

Dedicated to my best friend

Happy birthday in advance ♥

I love you.


To the African woman

“If wealth was the inevitable result of hard work and enterprise, every woman in Africa would be a millionaire”.-  George Monbiot. Nov 7, 2011 

African woman,

oh beautiful, beautiful African woman

Hard but soft on the inside

Submissive but not subject to circumstances.

Left the familiar territory of her father’s abode

To the house of another man

To a whole new territory

A whole new phase

The phase of childbirth

Back darkened by harsh rays of the sun ☀

Works day and night

Up early, sleeps late

Knees hard and rough from kneeling to pray

Countless nights she’s on her knees

Praying for her husband

Praying for her children

She never stops praying till she dies

Praying for peace amongst her offsprings

Praying to God to keep her man

Mother to both husband and children

She takes on the burden of the family

She’s worried for everyone

She’s always there for them

Yet she is not paid for her work

She is not awarded for giving her all

She’s given no medal at all

Her reward is way beyond material

Her joy is in seeing everyone happy

Her heart swells with pride at the sound of her husband’s laugh

Her children’s smiles are her reward

Her family’s happiness is a balm to her wounds.

Dear African woman, you are many things in one.

A rare gem, a jewel of inestimable value, a mother to all

            Dedicated to the African woman

Happy International Women’s day ❤ 

                       Love   –Mo‘ ❤

Photo-credit: google

Poem : Mo’ and Paul

FEAR -Dupe Olomola

“Words set free” they say

But what happens,

when you’re not allowed to speak

What happens?
He had a full head

Heavy brain with a ready mouth

He was willing to speak

He was ready
Words of liberty

Words of freedom

Words of peace 

Words that heal
But he couldn’t speak

He couldn’t let the words out

And like a stranger trapped in a foreign land,

The words were trapped in him
It wouldn’t let him speak

With mighty shackles,

It held him back

It made him dumb
He cried to be set free

He wailed for freedom

But like a little helpless girl,

He had no strength
Who will set him free?

Who will let those words out of him?

The words the world is waiting for?

Who will deliver him from it?
No one could

No one could set him free from fear

The mighty chains of fear, that held him

No one could, no one but his very own self
Writer: @d_upe 

Photocredits: @kemijacobs_photography and @proudlyseun 


​Hi dolls, its another Tuesday and today I’m dropping something different. I’m not good with poems but a few people motivated me to do this. 
I hope you enjoy it, feel free to leave comments and corrections

Soul intercourse 

                Dupe Sarah -Mo’-


To My soul friend . . . 👫💕

Before fate brought you my way,
I was lonely, not alone but lonely,

There were so many people around me

But no one with me

I lived in my own little world 

Praying that one day, I’d find someone like me

I walked through people

But none walked through me

I held on to my crazy thoughts
Like a child clings to it’s mother

The stars were my friends at night 

During the day, I had no friends

I had made discoveries

But had no one to share them with

Everyone thought I was crazy

“She’ll die lonely” they said 

Then you came my way…

The male version of me

Bursting out of nowhere,

Walking directly towards me 

Looking through me

I wanted to run 

I wanted to hide

The only things I’ve learned 

And mastered so well 

But you came for me

You held my arm 

You looked into me 

You squeezed my hands 

You were exactly like me

Only that the creator, benevolently added boldness to you

You understood my pains,

My strengths, my weaknesses 

Your eyes promised so much

To be my friend

To share my thoughts

To hold my hands

Your eyes said it all

You’d be there for me 

You’d never leave me 

We’ll walk through life together

We spoke very little 
But our souls were in constant communication

Our souls were aligned

Our souls merged

Then I knew who you were 

My soul’s twin

My dream come true

My best friend


            Your soul’s twin 👫