Goodbye 2016 ✌✌✌

Goodbye 2016 
Goodbye procrastination
  Goodbye competition
    Goodbye ungratefulness
      Goodbye fake friends
        Goodbye heartbreak 

         Goodbye misplaced priority
             Goodbye confusion

                  Goodbye stress 


                   Goodbye nonchalance
                    Goodbye shenanigans (maybe😄)


                       Goodbye Failure
                          Goodbye lack 
                             Goodbye limitation
                                Goodbye sickness
                                   Goodbye laziness
                                      Goodbye anger
                                         Goodbye FLESH.

Drop the unnecessary baggage/garbage in 2016.

Let 2016 swallow it up.

Even “friends”

Those who walk, walk with many 

Those who run, run with a few

Those who fly, fly alone….

See you next year 💖😘😘🌸🌹


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