​It’s The Beginning Of A New Year For Me!

A new dawn, a new phase, a new age.

I’m older! No longer “little Dupe

Becoming a grown woman with responsibilities and obligations.

Yesterday was my birthday

Remember I told you I wasn’t excited about it?

Well well well, one would think the day would magically bring excitement but news flash, it didn’t.

Let me tell you how my day went, I’ll try to make it as brief as possible.

I slept like a baby even after pleas from friends for me to stay awake so they’d be the first to call and wish me by 12am.

I put my phone on silent and slept 😀..

Woke up to missed calls and texts.

I returned some.

Put on my mobile data and realized my data was exhausted 😞.

That’s horrible because you don’t get airtime easily around where I live and I don’t know how to recharge from my UBA bank account.

Heard its very easy to recharge from a GT bank account but I don’t have one.

(Anyone with ideas on how to recharge from UBA account can buzz me or leave a comment after this post, thanks ☺)

Back to my story. I had to get up, pray (Thanking God for life and another year), put on a cardigan and joggers and go out in search of airtime.

As expected, I walked miles 😒 and eventually when I got, I had to buy #200 naira in about 10 places.

In a nutshell, I subscribed and went home.

Getting home to “Happy birthdays” from my folks at home. First from daddy ♥

P.S: Daddy remembered, but I’m guessing two things. Its either mommy reminded him before I got back or he read my last blog post 🙈. Whichever, it felt good getting my first “Happy birthday” in the family from him.
I put on my data and my phone went mad, i had to put it on vibration and let it vibrate for the next 5 minutes, I left it and went to take my bath.

I took my bath and prepared for church.

Trying to reply my messages and get dressed at the same time. Wasn’t easy, my phone took a larger portion of my time.

I was amazed at the texts I got from you all.

From friends that I haven’t spoken to in ages, they remembered 😢(Facebook reminded most of you though).

I replied texts till I was almost late for church and I had to put off my mobile data and go to church, couldn’t even have breakfast.
Church was awesome.
After church, I resumed to my phone (You’d be wondering if I don’t work at home, I do but it was my birthday so I deserved a day off)
Mom prepared Jollof and Chicken 😀. It’s not  a new thing though, like almost every Nigerian home, jollof rice is an every Sunday”something” 😄, but yesterday’s had a “party rice taste”. We all know home jollof and party jollof are very different.
I ate to my fill (No diet today, its my birthday durrh).

I drank Lacasera (I love lacasera), watching tom and jerry with my little brother on the laptop. Nothing nice was being showed on TV

Then I slept. On my birthday? Yes, I slept on my birthday.

Sleep is good for the body 😄😂.
My pain in the ass friend Vanessa called me, ruining my sleep, telling me she was coming over to take me out. 

She didn’t need my approval, she came over around 5pm and dragged me out, in my sweater, pants and slippers.
Suddenly, the craving for cake came to me and we went in search of cake.

With another friend of ours, we paraded the streets close to school in search of cake to no avail. We eventually settled for meat pie. 

Then we paraded some more, window shopping 😄.
It was getting dark, mom was calling so we started towards home.

I met another friend and we eventually got a bike that took me home.
I got home 7:20, right in time for my favorite series “Jenifas diary”.
After Jenifas diary, I sorted my clothes for laundry today, did a little work for my daddy on the laptop and went to my room.
My day was made. I had a simple but awesome birthday.

Despite the fact that I wasn’t in a birthday mood, I felt truly special.

Countless calls, texts, prayers, wishes, presents, and so much more made me feel honored and I thank God for surrounding me with beautiful people.
Wishes on Facebook, WhatsApp, Bbm, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram and all.
To everyone thank you

Jack Griffo shares my birthday. My favorite nickelodeon star, “Max” from the thundermans 😎 I know right, he was 20 yesterday. Told you we December born are awesome...


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