Interview with David


Hi, readers… Interviewed a friend.
Had a day out with him, was awesome…

: Let’s meet you

Guest: Ok my Names are David Ochube also known as Modex. Computer science student of Ahmadu Bello university. From benue state but resides in zaria kaduna state

Dupe: Okay, what level?

Modex: Fresh under graduate

Dupe: Family?

Modex: I am the first son and the second born of a family of five that’s three kids and the parents

Dupe: Okay, can you share a little about your family. Mom, dad, religion and all?

Modex: My mom works as a chief Matron at ABUTH and my Dad is an accountant he is the director of his department at ABU also. I am a Christian oo. I believe in God like die. Ironically people think i don’t. Please i am a strong believer

Dupe: *laughs*Okay 

So asides school, do you do anything else?

Modex: Yea, i am into music. I have been in love with music from day one so i met some friends and boom here we are today

Dupe: You’ve been into music since? How long have you been into it?

Modex: Been into music since my jss but had my first record in ss1 it was a memorable day

Dupe: What song did you do in ss1?

Modex: *Laughs* abeg oh i dnt want to remember it jare it was terrible. But it had potentials

Dupe: Okay Like how many songs have you recorded?

Modex: *laughs* how many songs?? Hehe funny question. I have lost count i have recorded enough for 5 albums. But we can’t release them all

Dupe: Wow that’s huge.You mentioned some friends earlier, Who are they?

Modex: They’re my group members as in my family. Like Samjey who is the official CEO of candy muzik, 6ix milez, Kaybaron etc

Dupe: Oh okay . So you’re under Candy muzik?

Modex: Yes i am, candy muzik is not just a group its a family.We were friends before the music

Dupe: Ohh okay. Any female in the family?

Modex: Heheh no there is no female in the family ATM

Dupe: I see

Any future plans of signing a lady?

Modex: That’s for the management to decided oh

Dupe: Hmmm okay 

So what type of music do you guys do?

Modex: Afro hiphop that is the mixture of hip hop with Nigerians own afro genre

Dupe: Oh sounds nice

Does anyone do gospel in the group?

: Like my friend 6ix miles will say “gospel is not genre” so no one does “gospel”

We just try to pass a message

 And make impact that’s all

DUPE: Nice

Back to your personal life, do your parents know you sing?

Modex: Yes they do *laughs*

You can’t hide such things

Dupe: And what’s their reaction?

Are they fine with it?

Modex: They haven’t complained yet oo

As long as it doesn’t affect my education its cool

Dupe: Do you think Zaria appreciates your gift as much as it should?

Modex: zaria *Laughs* mehn I love zaria but my dreams are bigger than zaria 

I have not even pushed my self well in zaria sef. But yea i gat some few love here and there but i dnt grind for zaria my hustle is beyond here

Dupe: So you plan on going beyond Zaria?

Modex: *Laughs* common only a cursed a man plans to remain small


Dupe:   who knows? Maybe you love Zaria that much

 What was your most embarrassing moment

Modex: *laughs* embarrassing moments mehn i am not sure i can remember any Atm but they were bad

Dupe: *laughs*

Think of one

Modex: *laughs* I can’t think of one now maybe later
Dupe: Okay

Had any challenges in music yet?

Modex: Music itself is a challenge 

Your next song must be better than previous one, you have to get better 

For now the main challenge is getting the songs out there

: Hmmm. What about encouragements. Like have there been times when you were glad you’re into music. Things that motivated you to want to continue?

Modex: If you’re into music because of encouragement, you will be disappointed. I do music because i love it. I do get a lot of good remarks but i don’t let get into my head cause you will just become proud and do stupid things. Plus i am always glad i do music

Dupe: Hmmm nice. How do you balance school work and studio work?

Modex: Read at night record in the morning *laughs* Just set a time table for yourself that’s all

Dupe: And it’s been working for you?

Modex: It works for us all


So who are the people you look up to in the music industry?

Modex: In America its j cole in Nigeria its vector

That’s all

Dupe: What about them interests you?

Modex: Their style of rapping. Jcole is dope story teller, i mean he can tell a story with his raps vividly and vector is dope with word plays he can tell word plays and you will not understand till a month later

Dupe: * laughs 😂😂*

Dupe: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Modex: I see myself big but thats for God to decide 

I am only human, i can work towards my goal but only God can make it happen

Dupe: True

We hope you’ll not call us “famzers” when you’re big

Modex: Hehehe i am not that kind of person i take life simple 

Plus I don’t forget loyal people

But anyways that’s if I make it big

Dupe: We hope and pray you will 😀🙂😊Thanks for your time

Modex: Thank you for having me

Dupe: 😊😊😊


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