A new life with Jesus

Lovely readers, we’ve been given the privilege to see another beautiful tuesday, I think that’s something to thank God for…

Particularly for me, this has been a happy week. Those who know me personally will know the cause for this… 
I’m now a step closer to my dream.. Yayyy! 💃
Writing the first post under the category “Gospel”
I title it “A new life with Jesus”

I am a Christian, Christ-like (Acts 11:26b)
A follower of Jesus. The only way, there is.
Firstly because that is what I was born into, but being the curious and inquisitive type that I am, I sought to know what this “Jesus thing” was all about .
Now, I’m not writing about an encounter (I’ll probably write about that in future), I’m writing about what I discovered.

Jesus, who is he?
After searching, asking questions and all, here’s what I found. I’ll try to be as brief as possible. . .

There’s a lot more to Jesus than the pictures we see, the big names we can him and all that ….

He’s the son of the only living God..
 Not everyone believes in him, his existence or his position…

But for those that believe and accept him, he creates a relationship with and this is what I’m writing about, My relationship with Christ..

It’s an experience everyone should have.
Jesus has become my friend, my brother, my teacher and my leader.
My mom calls him “a silent listener in every conversation”
He’s a Lion and a Lamb
He’s High and holy but still meek and lowly
He’s my savior, my confidant, my deliverer and my friend ♥
A friend to sinners

Imagine having a friend, whose father is a person of influence, a friend that owns everything but is still humble.

A friend that listens (That’s very rare, these days. Everyone wants to talk),

A friend that accepts you back after you mess up and walk away from him…
A friend that knows that you need him much more than he does, you but still prioritizes your affairs
A friend that you’re free to ask for anything from and you’ll receive.
A friend that you can tell ANYTHING and EVERYTHING ….

A friend that your secrets are safe with.
A friend you can cry to, he just holds you in his loving embrace.

A friend you can pour out your heart to.

A friend that has the power to heal diseases and broken hearts.
A friend that connects you to your maker.
A friend that NEVER forsakes
A friend that is physically invisible but you’re confident in more than people you see every day.
A friend that has many other friends but is still available to you 24/7.
Really, can we find such a friend in a human being?

That’s what you get, with Jesus.
That’s what I’ve gotten..

My most treasured relationship in the world.. I call him my “boo thang”

Everyone that knows him, has a name for him, based on the aspect of their lives he’s touched the most.

I urge you to try him.. Jesus is absolutely BAE.


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